Simple, minimalist apps for personal growth

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As Mary Oliver says:
Go make the most out of your "one wild and precious life."

Our mission is to simplify self-improvement—making apps that turn "being your own best friend" into doable daily habits.



Create and cross off all your
daily to-do’s.

Three Good Things

Boost gratitude with a simple,
research-backed habit.

Prompted Journal

Thoughtful journaling for
personal development.


What about my privacy?

We don’t store any of your data, period. We know how personal your entries can be, and we believe in giving users COMPLETE control over their data. Also, we do not believe in asking for personally identifiable information.

You will NEVER be asked to log-in or register to use any of our apps. Instead, under Settings, you can export a PDF of all that you’ve written, email it to yourself, or save it to your device. This allows you to retain a copy of all that you’ve written. You can do this anytime. Just be sure you export a copy of your entries before switching to a new device.

Will you be making more apps?

Never say never but no, probably not. We do not believe in feature-heavy apps, nor do we want to make apps just because we can.

At heart, we're minimalists who believe the best parts of life are found out therebehind our phones—and apps are supposed to make it easier to live that life.

After much brainstorming, there were only 3 apps we truly wanted to use daily: Prompted Journal to help us reflect, Listberry to remain focused during the day, and Three Good Things to recap before bed. They're more simple habit-helpers than apps and they embody the 3 components of what we think constitute happiness: (1) knowing yourself (2) daily work towards a meaningful goal (3) and sustaining gratitude.

What do they cost?

After a 2-week free trial, each app costs 99¢/month, varying slightly depending on where in the world you live. 

We're doing our best to keep the apps affordable, so please share this page or leave a review in the app store if you like them. This would do wonders to help us continue.

Thank you, darling.

The fact that you’re even here makes us feel like we have something important in common. Stay well—and stay you.

It’s truly an honour to make these apps and serve you any way we can.

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