Maybe it’s just one of those days?

  1. I used a toilet today. It had modern plumbing. King Louis XIV’s didn’t, so I win. 

  2. I hugged someone who hugged me back. I think that’s pretty special.

  3. I cried a lot. And there have been times in my life when crying itself was a luxury I didn’t have. There have also been times when I simply felt numb. At least I’m not there. At least I can still process things.

  4. I woke up in a warm, dry bed when there are people out there who woke up in the cold, damp streets. I can’t take this for granted.

  5. I once heard a saying that goes “A healthy person wants many things, while a sick person just wants one thing.” I have that one thing: health, or the safe assumption that I have time left on this earth. That’s pretty great.

  6. I am reading this on my phone via the Internet. Try explaining that to my ancestors. 

  7. I got out of bed. Some days, this itself takes courage.

  8. And finally, despite the “day to day trenches of adult existence” (as described by David Foster Wallace), I opened this app and I gave myself the permission to look on the bright side. That’s something. 

    I hope this helped spark some ideas. ❤️ 

    Stay well, and stay you.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.