Finally, a calendar that lets you create to-do lists each day.

Inspired by the ease and simplicity of paper planners. 🤓

Listberry App

Stay organized. Keep up with daily to-do’s.

List anything you want to do on a given day, and cross them off one by one!

PS - You're supposed to be 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. 😁

Still using a paper planner?

If you're carrying around a paper planner because you love lists, need that birds-eye view of your life, and enjoy crossing things off… well, then you're exactly like us, and Listberry may be the digital alternative you've been searching for.

We wanted the simplicity, ease, and sense of accomplishment that paper planners gave us—in the convenience of a phone app.  

We respect your privacy:

Given the personal nature of your day-to-day lists, we do not store any of your data. You will NEVER be asked to log-in or register to use any of our apps.

Designed by list-lovers, for other list-lovers.


Unclutter your mind

Write down anything you have to do. ☝️

Plan & scan for days to come.


Note “Goals & Notes” — Weekly and Monthly

Track your bigger picture to-do’s in both of the view options.

See them as you plan your daily tasks. 🌇


Quotes designed to inspire you on journey

Reflect on sage wisdom. 💭


Create alerts, events, and repeating tasks as-needed:

Because not EVERY task (e.g. Laundry) needs to be time-blocked as an "event". 😊



Bold and highlight the important stuff and create visual organization. 🤓


And more

  1. Set daily reminders to check your to-do list

  2. Show national holidays for your country

  3. Create a PDF of all your entries

A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 🙏

Try it free.

Just to be clear, after a 2-week free trial, the app will cost 99¢/mo, varying slightly based on region! We're proud of our pricing and wanted to be upfront about it. :)


Stay well, darling.

We hope our apps ease your road to becoming all that you are meant to be.