Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to (1) Listberry, (2) Three Good Things, and (3) Prompted Journal.

To receive further information about your Personal Data, contact the Owner.

Plum Studio Inc. (Darling Apps)
2075 Comox St.
Vancouver, BC
V6G 1S2

Owner contact email:

Types of Data Collected

We do not collect or store any data, period.

(1) We do not collect or store any Personal Data.

We do not have a sign-in process in which users must provide Personally Identifiable Information.

The user generated content remains on their device, unless the user has chosen to use an internal backup solution (e.g. iPhone users may enable iCloud backups). We do not have any access to the users’ devices or their internal backup solutions.

(2) We do not collect or store any Usage Data.

We does not track user behaviours. We not use analytics software to track user behaviours.

All of our applications work in offline mode. Unless the user enables phone backups such as Google Drive or iCloud, all user entries stay offline as well.

Types of Data Accessed

We can access the standard Transactional Data provided by Google and Apple regarding the subscription purchases made in their respective stores, Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Google and Apple remove Personally Identifiable Information regarding the transactions.

Google and Apple may send us crash reports and “bug” reports if the user had previously consented to Google or Apple collecting this type of information.

Mode and Place of Processing the Data

We do not have User Data or Personal Data to process. We have not taken any measures that would enable us to access user data through our apps.

We do not have a server or a database on which Data is stored.

Third Parties and Intermediaries

We may employ third party companies and individuals to help facilitate our Service or perform specific tasks on our behalf.

Currently, we use RevenueCat to assist us in handling mobile subscriptions. RevenueCat may process Personal or Usage Data in order provide their services. We may access the data provided to us by RevenueCat. Read the Privacy Policy of RevenueCat Inc. here.

Final Notes

With great privacy becomes some responsibility.

We cannot restore any data the user might lose, e.g. by losing their phone, because we do not have that data to begin with. If the user does not regularly backup their entries via the provided "Create PDF" functionality in each of our applications, they risk losing some of the entries they have inputted forever.

Further questions:

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